Oven and Stove Repair Arlington Virginia

A walk through the appliance section of the big box retailers or home improvement stores in your area will show you a panoramic view of how kitchen cooking appliances evolved into the brilliantly designed and beautiful ovens and stoves in today’s homes.


Oven Repair

Remember baking cookies in Mom’s oven and asking her where to place them so they won’t burn? You asked because you knew Mom knows her oven. That’s because older style ovens had hot and cold zones and didn’t regulate heat well.

That’s all changed with the newer ovens. Oven temperature sensors are accurate, and the controls respond faster to changes when needed. Instead of constant, red-hot heat blasting the interior, ovens now regulate and preheat by alternating the bake and broil elements for even heat.

In units with convection, the fan turns on during preheat to assist with heating and regulating. If you realize your cookies burn on the bottom, try using convection instead. It’s only a small learning curve and you’ll be baking the best cookies in your neighborhood.

If you need to know more cooking tips, our technicians have a storehouse of knowledge just waiting to present itself. All you have to do is ask. We’ll always share everything we know to help make your experience in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Stove Repair

Just like ovens, today’s stoves make cooking fun and our newfound success encourages more learning about techniques for tastier food and extravagant dishes.

Ranging from electric cooktops, gas burners, and induction cooking, stoves keep getting better and better. Electric surface elements provide instant heat similar to a gas burner but without the flame, and induction technology provides super-fast heating, but leaves the cooktop surface warm to the touch instead of red hot.

With all the new technology surrounding us daily, our best hope is that it continues to work like it should. But things happen, and that’s when your best decision to make is a call to Chester Appliance Repair before things get worse.

An example is if you see the hot surface indicator stay on when the stove is off. Most times it’s a minor fix, such as a defective surface element. In a few instances, we’ve seen a problem with a short circuit causing the problem, and in rare cases, an element turns on and won’t shut off.

Depending on the unit, it could be a defective infinite switch and in others, a short to ground is the problem. In the latter case, your house breaker will trip, leaving the stove disabled completely.

In either situation above, please don’t attempt to fix this yourself. It’s too dangerous and live electricity lurks in places you might not expect. Unplug the unit and give Chester Appliance Repair a call. We’ll be right over to put things back in order safely and we’ll test the unit for proper operation to confirm every function is up to manufacturer’s specs.