Refrigerator Repair Chesterfield Virginia

In many homes we enter, we see modern appliance technology at its best. Refrigerators have unique functions like a tablet style interface on the refrigerator door that tells us in real time exactly what’s inside and where.



Others sense when you’re near and turn on a series of LEDs to provide light inside the dispenser area should you need the assistance. Still others have built-in entertainment with a television screen to use while you’re cooking in the kitchen.

But the biggest feature of all is the efficiency of these units.

Some have dual evaporators to create precise cooling exactly where you choose. Crispers that regulate temperatures, refrigerator sections with varying amounts of humidity, and freezer sections with zero frost – ever. Automatic door closers so frost in the freezer won’t ruin food.

Refrigerator repair is advancing at a rapid rate, too. The EPA mandated that on January 1st, 2024, the use of R134a Freon (refrigerant) used in modern refrigerators must stop completely. Between now and 2024, all manufacturers of refrigerators sold in the USA cannot ship with R134a.

Most manufacturers started using R600a instead. It’s safe for the environment because its key ingredient, butane, is a naturally occurring gas in our atmosphere. However, butane is highly flammable.

They’ve taken measures to transition to R600a safely by changing repair methods. Replacing torches for soldering is a new connector technology for sealed system repair using LokRing™ tools and equipment. This technology uses metal connectors compressed onto copper lines to connect the sealed system. LokRing™ technology has already proven itself in several industries where hot work is unsafe.

At Chester Appliance Repair, we want you to know we’re already receiving full training far ahead of the approaching deadline to end the use of R134a refrigerant. Our staff and crew of professional technicians will arrive at your door fully trained and certified on the new techniques and special equipment required to repair your refrigerator.